TypeScript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS

I usually use a web interface for User Interfaces. The benefits include: no installation required on the side of the user. Client can be Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS or Android. Straightforward application updates.

Started with TypeScript for a Single Page Application frontend in 2015. jsx was introduced in version 1.6. Unfortunately, the jsx implementation in TypeScript was linked to React and could not be used with Asynchronous Module Definition. Since we were not using React and wanted to load modules dynamically, I created a patch for TypeScript (https://github.com/jannesen/TypeScript-jsx-generic). This allowed us to still use jsx without using React.

The User Interfaces are sleek and businesslike, intended for people who work with them on a daily basis. Must function quickly and properly.

Besides User Interfaces, I have developed build tools in TypeScript/Javascript with nodejs.