Peter Jannesen

Peter Jannesen has been active in software development for more than 38 years. My first paid assignment (1981) was to translate a Basic Interpreter written in 8085 assembler to 8088 assembler. So that the existing business application could run on MS-DOS. In the past 25 years I have specialized mainly in the development of business software that plays an important role in the business process. Performance, stability and reliability are very important. The largest systems that have been developed are TAS and ENet.

ENet is an energy trading platform for large business use. Characteristics for these connections that they are measured and settled per time unit (quarter hour, hour, day) via different markets. The challenge of such systems is to be able to process the data quickly and accurately. On the one hand you work 6 digits behind the decimal point while it is many millions of Euros per month.

TAS is a mediation and handling system for interpretation services. 2000 interpretation services are mediated and handled via TAS every day. An interpreter service is requested every 7 seconds during peaks. A lot has to be calculated during mediation. Which interpreters are available for the requested language, does the interpreter meet the required requirements, is the interpreter available taking into account other agreements and travel times, what does the interpreter cost, what does the client pay for the specific interpreter, etc. Is there a suitable interpreter? is found, this interpreter is approached automatically. If the interpreter does not accept the service, the process starts again for the next interpreter. This process is fully automatic. TAS also handles the creation and sending of invoices.