Tasnet hybrid app


The Tasnet hybrid app is specifically for the interpreters of TVcN (now Global Talk).

The functionalities of this app are the same as the web-based Tasnet, but with a number of additional functions:

  • Notifications for new requests and changes
  • Entering and signing the job sheet
  • The appointments are visible in the general OS calendar
  • The app also works offline


Before the hybrid app, there was a native iOS app and a native Android app. In 2017, these apps were replaced by hybrid apps.

The disadvantages of the native apps were:

  • Three different user interfaces and experiences
  • Not everything from Tasnet was possible through the app. That is why interpreters also had to use the web-based Tasnet.
  • It was difficult to add new functions
  • Providing support and tracing bugs was difficult

Advantages of the hybrid app are:

  • Always the same familiar user interface for users
  • Less programming: one user interface for three different solutions.

Architecture (Android)

In basis, an Android hybrid app is very simple. All components are included in the Android SDK by default.

The Tasnet hybrid app consists of two parts that function independently of each other.


The foreground contains one activity with only a Webview. The complete user interface is formed by the Webview containing Tasnet. Tasnet includes a service worker so that the website also loads offline.

The communication between Webview/Javascript and Native/Java consists of one class with twenty methods.

Communication with the background part works through Android interprocess communication.


The background contains all native functionalities. The core is a (Realm) database in which everything is stored.

Interpreting services and notifications are synchronised between the central TAS application and the decentralised app via the web socket. The interpretation services and notifications are stored in the database so that they are also available offline.

Signed job sheets are stored in the database. As soon as there is an internet connection, they are uploaded to the central TAS application.

Interpreting services in the database are synchronised with the Android calendar.

Notifications in the database are synchronised with the Android notifications.


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2017 - present Global Talk/TVcN


Android SDK, Java (Android)

My function

  • Functional design (Android and iOS)
  • Android app development.